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Carmelite Family - Bulletin of Lay Carmel

Carmelite Family was produced by the Director of the Third Order/Lay Carmel four times a year from1999 until 2005.


Number 23, Winter/Spring 2005.

Number 22, Summer 2004.

Number 21, Summer 2004.

Number 20, Winter 2004.

Number 19, Autumn 2003.

Number 18, Summer 2003.

Number 17, Spring 2003.

Number 16, Winter 2003.

Number 15, Autumn 2002.

Number 14, Summer 2002.

Number 13, Spring 2002.

Number 12, Winter 2002.

Number 11, Autumn 2001.

Number 10, Summer 2001.

Number 9, Spring 2001.

Number 8, Winter 2000.

Number 7, Autumn 2000.

Number 6, Summer 2000.

Number 5, Spring 2000.

Number 4, Winter 1999.

Number 3, Autumn 1999.

Number 2, Summer 1999.

Number 1, Spring 1999.


Carmelite Contact 

Carmelite Contact is produced twice a year and is a short 'newsletter' which is distributed through all our houses and churches in Ireland. It contains brief articles of interest to those who visit our friaries as well as some historical of our houses along with little news items.



Carmeletter is produced a couple of times a year and is the newsletter of the Carmelites in Zimbabwe. For further information visit www.carmelites.co.zw.








Keeping Vigil in Prayer



Community Life



Consecrated Life



Christ our Model


Information Directory


The Carmelite Order has been blessed throughout its history . .



Lay Carmel

Lay people are attracted to the Carmelite Order by its spirituality . . .




“Carmel in the World” is a magazine for the Carmelite family throughout the world . . .


Carmelites have been present in Zimbabwe since 1946 . . .


Publications & Books

Many books have been written by Carmelite authors throughout the years . . .


Carmel Worldwide

The Carmelite Order has its headquarters, or Curia, in Rome. . .

The Carmelite Forum

The Forum was set up to explore ways of celebrating and sharing our Carmelite heritage


Carmelites at the U.N.

The Carmelite N.G.O. is a project of the members of the Carmelite Family around the world. . .


Carmelite Institute

Interested in distance learning on Carmelite Spirituality?


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